Two New Jawfishes and a New Genus Described From Deepwater Caribbean Reefs

Main report: Two New Jawfishes Described From Deepwater Caribbean Reefs

Scientific Paper: Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation   
New Taxa: Anoptoplacus pygmaeus, Anoptoplacus , Opistognathus schrieri
Common Name: Pygmy jawfish
Species named for: Adriaan (Dutch) Schrier, owner of Substation Curaçao in Willemstad and the “Curasub” submersible
Categories: Fish | New Species | Species Discovery
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Both new species were found in mesophotic reefs in the Caribbean.  Two specimens of the Pygmy Jawfish, a new species and genus,  were found 250m deep off Cuzumel.  It is only inch in length.  It is described as a new genus.   Despite occurring beyond the reach of most divers and collectors, the Curaçao Jawfish was already been made available to aquarists, collected by the Curaçao-based submersible Curasub.


Curaçao Jawfish (Opistognathus schrieri). Smith-Vaniz 2017


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