To new species of geckos in the proposed Lenya National Park, Myanmar

Main report: Two new gecko species discovered amidst increasingly dwindling Tanintharyi rainforests
(Smithsonian Insider)
Other Reporting: Coconuts Yangon
Scientific Paper: PLoS ONE   
New Taxa: Cyrtodactylus payarhtanensis, Cyrtodactylus lenya
Common Name: Tenasserim Mountain bent-toed gecko, Lenya banded bent-toed gecko
Species named for: Lenya National Park
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Scientists have discovered two new species of geckos in the proposed Lenya National Park, Thailand — currently the Lenya and Nga Wun Reserve Forests — located in the country’s southern Tanintharyi Region.  Myanmar is currently home to 18 named species of bent-toed geckos, four of which are found in forests located in the Tanintharyi Region and neighboring Mon State.

he Tenasserim Mountain bent-toed gecko is one of two new species of gecko discovered during a biodiversity survey in little-studied areas of Myanmar by Smithsonian and Fauna & Flora International scientists. (Photos by Grant Connette, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)

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