Seven new species of Eurycheilichthys Catfish from Southern Brazil

Main report: Unexpectedly high diversity in a small basin: A taxonomic revision of Eurycheilichthys (Siluriformes: Loricariidae), with descriptions of seven new species
(South American Ichthyology (Facebook))
Other Reporting:
Scientific Paper: Neotropical Ichthyology   
New Taxa: Eurycheilichthys apocremnus, Eurycheilichthys castaneus, Eurycheilichthys coryphaenus, Eurycheilichthys luisae, Eurycheilichthys paucidens, Eurycheilichthys planus, Eurycheilichthys vacariensis
Species named for: E luisae: author's dauighter Luisa F. Reis
Categories: Fish | New Species

A taxonomic revision of Eurycheilichthys is provided, and seven new species are described in addition to the two previously known species in this genus: E. pantherinus from the upper rio Uruguay, and E. limulus from the upper rio Jacuí.

Eurycheilichthys vacariensis. Roberto E. Reis

A new species of armored catfish from the rio Aripuanã basin, Brazil
A new catfish from northeastern Brazil


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