Review of Eastern US Populations of the Speckled Chub Reveals Four New Species

Main report: New species: Macrhybopsis ... Gilbert & Mayden, 2017

Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Macrhybopsis boschungi, Macrhybopsis etnieri, Macrhybopsis pallida, Macrhybopsis tomellerii
Common Name: Mobile Chub, Coosa Chub, Pallid Chub, Gulf Chub
Species named for: Dr. Herbert T. Boschung, Dr. David A. Etnier, Joseph R. Tomelleri
Categories: Fish | New Species

A revised classification of eastern Macrhybopsis populations (Speckled Chub), with formal descriptions of four new species from eastern Gulf coast drainages.

Gilbert & Mayden, 2017

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