New species of worm-snail shoots a web like Spiderman

Main report: New species of 'Spider-Man' worm-snail discovered
(CBC News)
Other Reporting: Science News, New York Times, Live Science, Livescience
Scientific Paper: Peer J   
New Taxa: Thylacodes vandyensis
Species named for: Vandy,” the nickname given by the SCUBA diving community to the USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a retired naval vessel sunk to serve as an artificial reef off the lower Florida Keys.
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Scientists have discovered a new species of a marine creature called a worm-snail (scientifically known as a vermetid) that shoots out a substance much like a web from our popular comic-book superhero.  It is believed to be foreign to the waters off the Florida Keys, where it was found on an artifical reef.shoots web like spider-man.

Thylacodes vandyensis. The “foot” of the worm-snail is poking out of its shell. (Rüdiger Bieler)

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