New Guinea highland wild dog rediscovered in the wild

Main report: 'Extinct' Mountain Dogs Rediscovered in the Wild
(National Geographic)
Other Reporting: New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Society, Huffington Post, Wikipedia - New Guinea singing dog, Conday (video), New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation
Scientific Paper:    
New Taxa: Canis lupus dingo
Common Name: New Guinea highland wild dog
Categories: Lazarus Species | Mammals | New Species

Unseen for more than 50 years, the New Guinea highland wild dog has at last been confirmed in its natural island habitat.

Scientists are crooning over new pictures that confirm the survival of the New Guinea highland wild dog, which until now was feared to be extinct in its natural habitat on the South Pacific island Thought to be among the rarest species of canine, the highland wild dogs are either the same as or close relatives of the famous singing dogs of New Guinea, which exist only in captivity.

More than a hundred camera-trap pictures taken in 2016 show at least 15 wild individuals, including males, females, and pups. Though they are most commonly a golden color, some of the dogs are cream, ginger, roan, or black, with different markings and patternings.

NEW GUINEA HIGHLAND WILD DOG FOUNDATION A wild dog photographed in the highlands of New Guinea in September 2016. The animal had long been thought extinct.

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