New cave spider from Mexico is as big as a softball

Main report: International Team Discovers Large Cave-Dwelling Spider
(The NAT (San Dioego Natural HIstory Museum))
Other Reporting:, Smithsonian Magazine, LA Times, Science Space Robots Blog,
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Califorctenus cacachilensis, Califorctenus
Common Name: Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider
Categories: Arachnids | New Species

Researchers at the San Diego Natural History Museum, along with experts from Mexico and Brazil, have described a new species of large cave-dwelling spider. Related to the notoriously venomous Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria fera), the Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider was first discovered on a collaborative research expedition in 2013 into a small mountain range outside of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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