A new species of lizardfish from Indonesia

Main report: New species: Synodus nigrotaeniatus Allen, Erdmann & Peristiwady, 2017
(Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation)

Scientific Paper: Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation   
New Taxa: Synodus nigrotaeniatus
Common Name: Blackstripe Lizardfish
Species named for: Black stripe
Categories: Fish | New Species

A new species of lizardfish is described from Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia on the basis of six specimens.

Allen GR 2017. Figure 1. Synodus nigrotaeniatus, A) preserved holotype, 233.5 mm SL, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia; B) fresh
paratype, 152.0 mm SL, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia (T. Peristiwady)
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