50 New Spiders Discovered in Australia

Main report: 50 New Spiders Discovered In Australia
(Australian Geographic)
Other Reporting: Futurism.com, BusBlitz.org, Huffington Post
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During a two-week research mission in the Australian bush, a team of 23 scientists and rangers identified 50 new species of spiders.  One of the species that has scientists particularly excited is a peacock spider that displays an elaborate dance in order to attract females. Other notable species discovered include a spider that mimics the behavior of ants and spiders that dive beneath the surface of the water.

New species of Brush-footed Trap-door spider – Mygalomorphae Barychelidae Idiomata sp. Image Credit: Bush Blitz

This new species of jumping spider is thought to be Saliticidae Jotus sp. nov. cf auripes. Jumping spiders can be 5-20mm long and are known for jumping up to 50 times their body length to hunt.

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