New Species of Dwarf Galago Discovered in Angola

Main report: New primate discovered in Angola -- and it's already in danger
Other Reporting: Sci-News, National Geographic
Scientific Paper: American Journal of Physical Anthropology    
New Taxa: Galagoides kumbirensis
Common Name: Angolan dwarf galago
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The size of a squirrel (around six inches long without the tail), the Angolan dwarf galago is a kind of bushbaby, a small primate family scattered all over sub-Saharan Africa. However, most bushbabies are even smaller, making this one a giant among its tiny family.

Researchrese detected the sounds of a previously undescribed species of dwarf bush baby in the Angola jungle.  The team noticed one of the calls didn’t sound anything like the 18 known species of bush baby—a tiny, bug-eyed mammal also called a galago—living in western Angola’s Kumbira Forest.  When the scientists finally spotted the primate, they discovered that it was 6.2 inches long, bigger than some other known dwarf galagos—in their words, a “giant among dwarfs.

“This new galago species is a very exciting discovery,” Russell Mittermeier of Conservation International said in a statement. “It is only the fifth new primate from the African mainland to be described since 2000, and only the second species of galago. What is more, it is from Angola, where there has been very little primate research to date.”

The Angolan dwarf galago (Galagoides kumbirensis). Image credit: Elena Bersacola.

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