Spectacular frog discovered in Ecuador’s cloud forests

Main report: ‘Spectacular-looking’ endangered frog species discovered in Ecuador’s cloud forests
(Colorado State University News)
Other Reporting: Live Science, National Geographic News, Phys.org
Scientific Paper: PLoS ONE   
New Taxa: Pristimantis ecuadorensis
Common Name: Ecuadorian rainfrog
Species named for: Republic of Ecuador
Categories: Amphibians | First Video

Researchers at Colordao State University have discovered a new species of rain frog.  The yellow-green frog with eye-catching stripes that was discovered recently in Ecuador’s cloud forests.  The Its name is intended to highlight the overwhelming beauty, and cultural and biological diversity of Ecuador.

Credit: Jaime Culebras

Credit: Juan M. Guayasamin/Universidad San Francisco de Quito

The Ecuadorian rainfrog in its habitat. Credit: Centro Jambatu

New frog species looks like a small piece of rock
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