New Grammatonotus Species from Pohnpei, Micronesia

Main report: Two Spectacular New Groppo Species, Grammatonotus pelipel & G. xanthostigma

Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Grammatonotus pelipel, Grammatonotus xanthostigma
Common Name: Barred Groppo, Yellowspot Groppo
Species named for: markings like Pohnpeian tattoos; pelipel means “tattoo”., yellow spot on the pectoral fin.
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The two species were collected and described by authors from the Bishop Museum, found in deep reefs off Pohnpei Island and Senyavin Islands, the Caroline Islands group, western Pacific Ocean.  See also Brianne’s Groppo (Oct 2016).

Grammatonotus xanthostigma. Photograph by Brian D. Greene.

Grammatonotus pelipel. Photo by Brian D. Greene

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