DNA and photo analyses reveal colorful new species of nudibranch from California

Main report: Colorful new species of sea slug named after Long Marine Lab's Gary McDonald
(UC Santa Cruz News)

Scientific Paper: Marine Biodiversity   
New Taxa: Limacia mcdonaldi
Common Name: McDonald's Dorid
Species named for: biologist Gary McDonald
Categories: Invertebrates | New Species
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Researchers studying a colorful group of sea slugs (also called nudibranchs) found along the California coast have named a new species in honor of Gary McDonald, a long-time staff member at UCSC’s Long Marine Laboratory.   The striking orange-red new species is about an inch long, found along the coast from Baja California to Sonoma County.   Based on the examination of over 600 images of specimens of Limacia available on Flickr and iNaturalist it appears that L. mcdonaldi sp. nov. has been common in the Monterey and San Francisco bay areas from 2014 through 2016.

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