Bhutan’s national flower and symbol of happiness, the Blue Poppy is actually a new species

Main report: National flower, Blue Poppy is a new species
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Other Reporting: Bhutan Majestic Travel, BBS (Bhutan/), Bhutan Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
Scientific Paper: Sibbaldia– The Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture   
New Taxa: Maconopsis gakyidiana
Common Name: Blue Poppy
Species named for: The Maconopsis gakyidiana was named after the country’s guiding development philosophy Gross National Happiness. Gakyid stands for “Happiness” and diana is the nomenclature term for the flower.
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It has been discovered that the national flower, the Blue Poppy is a new species to science with the discovery of two more new species of the Meconopsis : Meconopsis elongata and Meconopsis merakensis.  Bhutan’s National Biodiversity Centre curator of herbarium, Rinchen Yangzom said the scientific name has been changed because it had been misidentified as  a separate species, Meconopsis grandis, which is not found in Bhutan.  Another two new species of blue poppy were also discovered in addition to the national flower of Bhutan, econopsis merakensis and Meconopsis elongata,

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