A review of diminutive day geckos from Sumatra reveals five new species

Main report: Five New Day Geckos of Cnemaspis kandiana Group (Sauria: Gekkonidae) from Sumatra and Mentawai Archipelago, Indonesia.
(Journal of Herpetology)
Other Reporting: ResearchGate
Scientific Paper: Journal of Herpetology    
New Taxa: Cnemaspis aceh, Cnemaspis andalas, Cnemaspis minang, Cnemaspis pagai, Cnemaspis tapanuli
Categories: New Species | Reptiles
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The five new species occur in the Sumatran provinces of Aceh, North Sumatra, and West Sumatra.  Authors also provide a new key and redescriptions for three previously recognized species: Cnemaspis dezwaani ,C. modiglianii, and C. whittenorum, based on recently collected material, and clarify contradictory information concerning their original descriptions and their key under each species account.

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