A fluorescent frog!

Main report: First Ever Fluorescent Frog Found in Argentina, but Why Does it Glow?
(The Inquisitr)
Other Reporting: Pulse Headlines, News Head (India), Huffington Post (Video), Sci-News
Scientific Paper: PNAS   
Common Name: South American polka dot tree frog
Categories: Amphibians | News in Nature

Scientists believe they may have discovered a first in the animal kingdom – a fluorescent frog that emits a bright, colorful glow once exposed to ultraviolet light. The South American polka dot tree frog appeared as a common-looking frog to the researchers, but when they analyzed the amphibian closely, they discovered that when placed under an ultraviolet light it glows in a bright blue-green light.   Hyloin, molecules in the animals’ lymph tissue, skin and glandular secretions were responsible for the green fluorescence.  Hyloin appears to be a unique mechanism of fluorescence in animals.

The South American polka dot tree frog. Image credit: Carlos Taboada.


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