New bird species identified from the cloud forests of Colombia’s Western Andes

Main report: Tatama Tapaculo: New Bird Species Discovered in Colombia
Other Reporting: Colombia Birding (YouTube video)
Scientific Paper: The Auk   
New Taxa: Scytalopus alvarezlopezi
Common Name: Tatama tapaculo
Species named for: ornithologist Humberto Álvarez-López
Categories: Birds | First Video | New Species

A new species of tapaculo has been discovered in the cloud forests of Colombia’s Western Andes.  The Tatama tapaculo was first spotted in June 1992 in Colombia’s Risaralda department by Dr. F. Gary Stiles, an ornithologist at the Institute of Natural Sciences at the National University of Colombia.  Now studies of the bird’s vocalizations and DNA have confirmed it to be a unique species.  See also the Perijá tapaculo, described in Colombia in 2015.

The Tatama tapaculo (Scytalopus alvarezlopezi) upon capture at Cerro Montezuma, Risaralda department, Colombia, April 2, 2015. Image credit: Julian Heavyside,

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