12 new species of deep sea fish from the Gulf of Mexico

Main report: Study discovers 60 new fish in Gulf of Mexico
(Houma Today)

Scientific Paper: not published   
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The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, or GoMRI, paid for the study along with numerous other projects in the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill.   The study, called the DEEP END, took three voyages out of Houma on the Megsknsi. Each voyage took three months and used specialized nets to take around 16,000 samples of fish from below 3,280 feet. The study discovered 60 species of fish that had never before been discovered in the Gulf. Most of them were species that had already been discovered but had not been known to live in the Gulf. Twelve were completely new species that had never before been seen.    Most notable among the new discoveries is a completely new species of anglerfish.

Deep End. Dante Fenolio

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