New Species of Gecko can Squirm Right Out of its Skin

Main report: Newly discovered ‘escape artist’ gecko species evades predators by shedding its scales
(Peer J)
Other Reporting: EurekAlert!, Popular Science, IBT, Daily Mail, ZMEScience, BBC News, Washington Post, The New York Times, Wikipedia
Scientific Paper: Peer J   
New Taxa: Geckolepis megalepis
Common Name: Large-scaled fish scale gecko
Species named for: its large scales
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Fish-scale geckos have large scales that tear away with ease, leaving them free to escape whilst the predator is left with a mouth full of scales. A newly discovered species in Madagascar is the master of this art, possessing the largest scales of any gecko.  Geckolepis megalepis is the first Geckolepis species to be described in 75 years.

Photo: Frank Glaw, 2016

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