Colorful killifish from the Amazonia Bolivia

Main report: A new killifish species has all the colors of the rainbow
(Advanced Aquarist)

Scientific Paper: Aqua   
New Taxa: Anablepsoides chapare
Categories: Fish | New Species
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This colorful new species is described from a small stream in a tributary of the Amazon basin, central Bolivia.   The only other described species of the genus occurring in Bolivia is also known from the same Rio Madeira basin.

Anablepsoides chapare,

Anablepsoides chapare, male, holotype, 36.9 mm SL, Bolivia, Department Cochabamba, Rio Isiboro drainage. Photo by S. Barandica.

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  1. William King says:

    The picture you have of Anablepsoides chapare looks more like an Aphyosemion Striatum? than an Anblepsoides

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