The Hermit Crab Caterpillar

Main report: A brand-new species called the hermit crab caterpillar makes its own armor out of leaves
(Business Insider)
Other Reporting: BusinessInsider, Daily Mail, Live Science, YouTube It's OK to be Smart, YouTube. Is this a new species?
Scientific Paper: Not published   
New Taxa: Cicinnus curiosis
Common Name: Hermit crab caterpillar
Species named for: not formally named
Categories: Citizen Science | Insects | New Species | Species Discovery
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A caterpillar that was recently discovered in Peru exhibits a behavior previously unknown in caterpillars.  The critter was spotted by Dr. Joe Hanson, the creator and host of the YouTube channel “It’s OK to be Smart.” Hanson, along with entomologist Aaron Pomerantz and guide Pedro Lima, were filming in the Peruvian Amazon when they came across the creature.

The caterpillar turned into a Cicinnus moth.

Is this also a caterpillar carrying its own house?

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