New Ginger species with medicinal properties found in Andaman Islands, India

Main report: New Ginger species with medicinal properties found in Andamans
(The Hindu)

Scientific Paper: Nordic Journal of Botany   
New Taxa: Zingiber pseudosquarrosum
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The species Zingiber pseudosquarrosum, new to science was already used by the local Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups ( PVTGs) of the Andamans for its medicinal values.  During an expedition to north and middle Andaman, one of local guides, who was a Nicobarese, shared his traditional knowledge about this species, which was so far hidden from science.  After collecting and systematically analysing the species, scientists found that the new species indeed possesses ethno-medicinal uses. “The fresh extract [juice] of fleshy tuberous roots is used to treat abdominal pain and anti-helminthic troubles by Nicobarese and certain other tribal communities.

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