New fern species found near waterfalls in Maui

Main report: New Species of Fern Discovered in Remote Maui Streams
(Maui Now)

Scientific Paper: Phytokeys    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Athyrium haleakalae
Species named for: Haleakalā, East Maui, a massive, dormant shield volcano (3,057 m tall) and the only known location of Athyrium haleakalae.
Categories: New Species | Plants

Newly discovered fern species prefers fast moving water habitats, decorates the walls of streams and waterfalls on East Maui, Hawai.

Typical habitat of Athyrium haleakalae around stream plunge pools, Hana Forest Reserve, East Maui, HI. Photo by K.R. Wood, 21 Aug 2013.

A Mature plants of Athyrium haleakalae, showing habitat preference along concave hollow of stream, Hana Forest Reserve, East Maui, HI (22 Aug 2013, Wood & Oppenheimer 15639) B Mature plant of Athyrium microphyllum, showing terrestrial habitat preference, erect rhizome, and large size, Mohihi, Kaua‘i, HI (18 Dec 2014, Wood & Flynn et al. 16175). Photos by K.R. Wood.



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