Forgotten museum specimen and field study of birdsong leads to discovery of new bird species

Main report: How Two Songbirds in the Western Ghats Evolved Into Multiple New Species
(BMC Evolutionary Biology)

Scientific Paper: BMC Evolutionary Biology    
New Taxa: Sholicola ashambuensis
Common Name: Sholakili, Western Ghats blue robins or shortwings, Banasura Chilappan, Ashambu Sholakili
Species named for: Ashambu Hills, Western Ghats, India, Shola (the local name for montane forests in the Western Ghats)
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A museum specimens forgotten for 120 years in a cabinet at the Trivandrum Natural History Museum lead to the field discovery of a new species of bird, in the coastal mountain chain of islands in the southwest of India.  Two new genera are described from revised species analysis, Western Ghats shortwings as Sholicola and the laughing thrushes as Montecincla.

Sholicola ashambuensis. Credit: Shashank Dalvi

Robin et al 2017

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