New film: mysterious spiderlings emerge into the safety of a fenced yard. maybe.

Main report: Watch Baby Spiders Emerge From Mysterious "Silkhenge" Structures
Other Reporting: ISI Science Times, Mother Nature Network,, National Geographic
Scientific Paper: National Geographic   
Categories: Arachnids

In the sticky jungles of South America, a mysterious spider crafts towers out of silk—confounding scientists with its intricate creations.  Baby spiders have now been filmed emerging from the egg sac within the structure’s interior.  Scientists are still still attempting to identify the spider.  Scientists think the web may be an enclosure to prevent ants from getting to the spider hatchlings.

The bizarre but beautiful structures found by Alexander were discovered within the Tambopata National Reserve in Peru. They’ve since been spotted in French Guiana and Ecuador. (Photo: Troy S. Alexander/Tambopata Research Center)

This incredible structure is made from silk, but no one has laid eyes on the adult ‘Silkhenge spider’ that created it. (Photo: Phil Torres/Twitter)


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