A frog discovered with the help of citizen scientists

Main report: Scientists Find New Frog Species
(Bangalore Mirror)
Other Reporting: The Biodiversity Crew @ NUS
Scientific Paper: Asian Herpeological Research   
New Taxa: Euphlyctis karaavali
Common Name: Karaavali Skittering Frog
Species named for: ‘Karaavali’ is derived from the Kannada language, a name given to the coastal region
Categories: Amphibians | Citizen Science | New Species

Working with amateur researchers scientists from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment have discovered a new species of frog, in the southwest coastal region of India.  The frog was first identified through its call, sounding very much like a kingfisher.  The frog belongs to a group known as “skittering frogs,” because of their habit of floating on water and skittering away when disturbed.


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