Three Forest Robins from tropical Africa

Main report: Texas A&M team discovers three new bird species in Africa
(AgriLife Today)
Other Reporting:, WFSC Newsletter, Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections (Texas A&M University), Sci-News
Scientific Paper: Systematics & Biodiversity   
New Taxa: Stiphrornis dahomeyensis, Stiphrornis inexpectatus, Stiphrornis rudderi
Common Name: Dahomey Forest Robin, Ghana Forest Robin, Rudder's Forest Robin
Species named for: U.S. Army Major General Earl Rudder
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Researchers from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University has discovered three never before documented bird species from West Africa and the Congo Basin.  There had only been one other species in the genus.  The birds were first collected 2008-2011.  “The discovery of these three new species is a good example of the amount of potentially hidden diversity living in Afrotropical forests,” said team lead Prof. Gary Voelker.

Rudder’s Forest Robin (Stiphrornis rudderi). Credit: Texas A&M University

Rudder’s Forest Robin (Stiphrornis rudderi). Credit: Texas A&M University


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