Two species of Raorchestes tree frog discovered in the cloud forests of southern India

Main report: Two new frog species found
Other Reporting: Wikipedia, Amphibiaweb, The, Wikipedia
Scientific Paper: Salamandra Journal   
New Taxa: Raorchestes silentvalley, Raorchestes lechiya
Common Name: Silent Valley bushfrog
Species named for: Silent Valley National Park, southern India, Mr. Lechiyappan, who helped establish the Natl Park
Categories: Amphibians | New Species

Raorchestes silentvalley or Silent Valley bushfrog is a species of tree frog endemic to the Nilgiri Hills of southern India and belongs to the species-rich Asian genus Raorchestes. This trees frogs have been found to have a very restricted distribution on the southwestern slopes of the Nilgiri Hills cloud forests in the Silent Valley National Park, southern India.

Photo David V. Raju

Raorchestes silentvalley. Photo David V. Raju

Raorchestes lechiya. Photo David V. Raju

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