Strange New Flowering Plant Doesn’t Bloom or Photosynthesize

Main report: This Newly Discovered Plant Has Flowers That Never Bloom
(The Science Explorer)
Other Reporting: Science Daily, Nature World News, Nature World News,, Digital Journal
Scientific Paper: Phytotaxa   
New Taxa: Gastrodia kuroshimensis
Species named for: Kagoshima prefecture
Categories: New Species | Plants

A new plant species discovered on the subtropical Japanese island of Kuroshima has been named .  But this is not your average plant. It belongs to a curious group of small, non-photosynthetic plants called mycorrhizae, which form a symbiotic relationship between their roots and fungi to obtain nutrients.

Gastrodia kuroshimensis. Photo credit: Kenji Suetsugu

Gastrodia kuroshimensis. Photo credit: Kenji Suetsugu

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