Two New Species of Glow-in-the-Dark Barreleyes Fish

Main report: Found: Two Species of Glowing FIsh
(Popular Science)
Other Reporting: Mysterious Universe, Live Science, MentalFloss, California Academy of Sciences, Newsweek, Strange Animals
Scientific Paper: PLOS One   
New Taxa: Monacoa niger, Monacoa griseus
Species named for: state of Monaco; black and grey colors on sole
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Two new members of the mysterious barreleyes family of fish have been described.  The researchers have dubbed these new species the gray and black mirrorbelly, Monacoa niger and Monacoa griseus. The mirrorbellies are typically found at depths between 400 to 700 meters, part of the ocean’s twilight zone.

New species Monacoa grimaldii on the left.


O. soleatus, photo by S. Johnson.

Barreleye fish have eyes that look directly upwards to scan for their prey’s silhouette.

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