These bees make their homes in sandstone

Main report: Between a rock and a hard place: Biologists unearth sandstone-excavating bees
Other Reporting: USDA News, SciNews (video), Livescience, ESA Conference,,, IFLScience, One Species a Day
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New Taxa: Anthophora pueblo
Categories: Insects | New Species
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The bee Anthophora pueblo was first discovered by retired USDA-ARS research entomologist Frank Parker almost 40 years ago, when he collected samples of their nests at two sites in Utah’s San Rafael Desert. His research was never published, nor was the species formally identified, until now.  Researchers have been investigating this unusual new species of bee that doesn’t build its nest in a hollow tree or dig a burrow in the soil like ordinary bees, but instead carves itself a long-lasting home in sandstone cliffs.

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