A review of herbarium collections and molecular methods results in a revision of the custard apple genus Monanthotaxis, and nine new species.

Main report: A nonet of new plant species from Africa emphasizes the importance of herbaria in botany
(Science Magazine)
Other Reporting: EurekAlert!, Phys.org
Scientific Paper: Phytokeys    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Monanthotaxis atewensis, Monanthotaxis couvreurii, Monanthotaxis latistamina, Monanthotaxis tripetala, Monanthotaxis aquila, Monanthotaxis zenkeri, Monanthotaxis filipes, Monanthotaxis maputensis , Monanthotaxis komorensis, Monanthotaxis atopostema
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Combining modern molecular methods, with more traditional morphological ones, a recent revision of the custard apple genus Monanthotaxis has revealed a nonet of new species.  Lying unnoticed on shelves, some of these species had to wait for many decades to be discovered with methods, unavailable at the time of their collection. Some collected 40 years ago, some as far back as a 100, the nine new species are described in the open access journal Phytokeys to showcase the importance of herbarium collections in Botany.

Monanthotaxis komorensis. Credit: Fabien Barthelat

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