A new species of Citrus trees from West Maui, Hawaii.

Main report: New species from Maui named after Maui Nui PEPP Coordinator
(The Plant Extinction Prevention Program Hawaii)
Other Reporting: Sciency Thoughts
Scientific Paper: Phytokeys    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Melicope oppenheimeri
Species named for: Maui Nui PEPP Coordinator, Hank Oppenheimer
Categories: New Species | Plants

This taxon is the 49th recognized Melicope species in the Hawaiian islands and is one of 13 Melicope taxa on the Hawaii Plant Extinction Prevention Species list.
Flowers of Melicope oppenheimeri

Flowers of Melicope oppenheimeri

A new mudskipper from Indonesia.
Another new species of Manhiot found in cerrado vegetation in Brazil.


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