A new pika species identified in the Himalaya

Main report: New pika species plays peek-a-boo in Sikkim Himalaya
(India Ministry of Science & Technology)
Other Reporting: Voice of Sikkim
Scientific Paper: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution   
New Taxa: Ochotona sikimaria
Common Name: Himalayan Pika
Species named for: Sikkim Himalaya
Categories: Mammals | New Species
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A new study based on genetic data and skull measurements has identified a new species of pika high up in the Sikkim Himalaya.  The species is morphologically similar to Moupinpika, it is actually very distinct from the former from a genetic and ecological perspective.

Himalayan Pika Discovered by Nishma Dahal

Himalayan Pika Discovered by Nishma Dahal


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