Five new species of spider orchid, from New Zealand

Main report: Five new species of Corybas (Diurideae, Orchidaceae) endemic to New Zealand and phylogeny of the Nematoceras clade
Other Reporting: ResearchGate
Scientific Paper: Phytotaxa   
New Taxa: Corybas wallii, Corybas vitreus, Corybas sanctigeorgianus, Corybas obscurus, Corybas confusus
Categories: New Species | Plants
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Five new species of Corybas endemic to New Zealand, C. confusus, C. obscurus, C. sanctigeorgianus, C. vitreus, and C. wallii are described, classified from DNA analysis.  Spider orchids are one of the most common and widespread terrestrial orchids in NZ

Corybas obscurus







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