DNA Analysis identifies two species of tiny endangered fish, one found only at Camp Pendleton

Main report: New species of tiny endangered fish found only at Camp Pendleton
(LA Times)
Other Reporting: Strange Animals, Tidewater Goby Monitoring Program at Camp Pendleton, Daily Bruin
Scientific Paper: PLOS One   
New Taxa: Eucyclogobius newberryi, Eucyclogobius kristinae
Species named for: Kristina D. Y. Louie PhD,
Categories: Fish | New Species

Scientists say a tiny endangered fish found in lagoons and streams along the California coast belongs to two separate species.  The tidewater goby, a 2-inch translucent fish, survives in relatively isolated populations from Del Norte County down to San Diego. The fish spend most of their lives in the same puddles, rarely traveling far from where they spawned.  E kristinae is in imminent danger of extinction and will require ongoing active management.



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