A new species of spider crab, from Northern Australia, revealed by studying museum specimens.

Main report: A new species of spider crab in Northern Australia
(Western Australia Museum)
Other Reporting: Phys.org
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Paranaxia keesingi
Species named for: Dr. John Keesing (CSIRO)
Categories: Crustaceans | New Species

Spider crabs are members of the superfamily Majoidea. Not your average-looking crab, many of them possess long thin legs (hence their name) and weird body shapes. Majoids are also known as decorator crabs because they camouflage themselves by attaching other organisms, such as seaweeds and sponges, to the spines and hairs on their legs and carapace. A search for Paranaxia specimens and data revealed a new species.

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