A new plant, found growing by the roadside

Main report: A New Species Discovery in the Philippines
(Botanical Research Institute of Texas Leaflet)

Scientific Paper: Phytokeys    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Diplycosia platyphylla
Species named for: notably wide leaves r
Categories: New Species | Plants | Species Discovery

“This species, a wintergreen in the heath family, was completely unknown to science despite its occurrence right along a roadside–it just needed someone with a particular focus on this group in order to collect and study it. This finding highlights that fact that our knowledge of even basic species numbers and abundance in most areas of the world, but especially biodiversity hotspots such as the Philippines, is woefully inadequate, and much more field and laboratory work needs to be done for thoroughly documenting life on our planet.”

Diplycosia platyphylla. Photo P.W.Fritsch

Diplycosia platyphylla. Photo P.W.Fritsch

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