A new scorpion genus from Northern California

Main report: Graemeloweus, a new scorpion genus from northern California, USA (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae)
Other Reporting: ResearchGate
Scientific Paper: Euscorpius   
New Taxa: Graemeloweus iviei, Graemeloweus glimmei, Graemeloweus maidu , Graemeloweus
Species named for: Graeme Lowe
Categories: Arachnids | New Species
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The genus is composed of three species formerly placed in Pseudouroctonus: Graemeloweus iviei , G. glimmei and G. maidu.  Evidence is presented suggesting that Graemeloweus is more closely related to Kovarikia than Pseudouroctonus.

Graemeloweus iviei.



Graemeloweus glimmei

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