Land snail species seen for first time in 100 years, from photo posted to citizen science website

Main report: Citizen science leads to snail rediscovery in Vietnam

Scientific Paper: Conchylia   
New Taxa: Myxostoma petiverian
Species named for: Pulau Tenggol.
Categories: Citizen Science | Invertebrates | Lazarus Species
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Scientists have rediscovered a snail species not seen for over a hundred years after spotting a picture of the species on a citizen science website   Though the snail is common on Hon Cau Island, it is so rarely visited due to national park restrictions and its distance from Con Son Island off the southeast coast of Vietnam, that no researcher had ever traveled there to document the local flora and fauna.  Fortunately, citizen scientists are documenting species and habitat in the most far reaching locales.

Myxostoma petiverianum. Photo by Scott Trageser.

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