Nine new goby species and four new genera

Main report: Nine new goby species and four new genera
(Advanced Aquarist)
Other Reporting: Israquarium, KWKMedia, Novataxa, Curacao Chronicle
Scientific Paper: Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society   
New Taxa: Carrigobius, Paedovaricus, Pinnichthys, Psilotris laurae, Psilotris laetarii, Pinnichthys aimoriensis, Varicus adamsi , Varicus cephalocellatus, Varicus decorum, Varicus nigritus, Varicus veliguttatus, Pinnichthys aimoriensis, Paedovaricus imswe
Species named for: Laura Albini, Heath Jens Laetari, Thiony Simon
Categories: Fish | New Species
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Thanks to advances in submersible technology, recent exploration of mesophotic (AKA twilight zone) Caribbean reefs have yielded nine new deep-water goby species and a reclassification of the Nes subgroup of gobies.   All the gobies hail from deepwater, mesophotic Caribbean reefs.  The research team documented and captured specimens using manned submersibles such as the Johnson Sea-Link I and II submersibles and the Curasub.

Varicus veliguttatus



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