Tiny waterfall climbing cavefish discovered, a Living Moment in Evolutionary History.

Main report: Researchers Find Fish that Walks the Way Land Vertebrates Do
(The New York Times)
Other Reporting: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Wired, Phys.org, The Verge, Wikipedia, IFLScience
Scientific Paper: Scientific Reports   
New Taxa: Cryptotora thamicola
Categories: Fish | New Species

Researchers from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) have identified a species of blind, walking cavefish in Thailand that can walk and climb waterfalls in a manner comparable to four-footed mammals and amphibians. The discovery of this capability, not seen in any other living fishes, also has implications for understanding how the anatomy that all species need to walk on land evolved after the transition from finned to limbed appendages in the Devonian period, which began some 420 million years ago.

Cavefish climbing aquarium wall towards tricle of water. Credit Apirun Suvarnaraksha

Gary Laron

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