New Genetic Methods Help Identify Three New Mouse Lemur Species

Main report: Three new primate species discovered in Madagascar
(German Primate Centre)
Other Reporting: HNGN, One Species a Day
Scientific Paper: IDW - Informationsdienst Wissenschaft   
New Taxa: Microcebus ganzhorni, Microcebus boraha, Microcebus manitatra
Species named for: Ecologist Professor Jörg Ganzhorn ((Microcebus ganzhorni)
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Scientists from the German Primate Center (DPZ), the University of Kentucky, the American Duke Lemur Center and the Université d’Antananarivo in Madagascar have described three new species of mouse lemurs. They live in the South and East of Madagascar and increase the number of known mouse lemur species to 24. As little as 20 years ago, only two species of these small, nocturnal primates were known. New genetic methods and expeditions to remote areas have made the new descriptions possible (Molecular Ecology).

Scientists have discovered three new species of mouse lemurs on Madagascar. The new species may tell researchers a bit more about the diversity of these tiny primates. (Photo : G. Donati)

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