Students Discover New Species of Snake, in Ethiopia

Main report: U Students Discover New Species Of Snake, Bitis Harenna, In Ethiopia
(Daily Utah Chronicle)
Other Reporting: The University of Utah, The World of Animals, Mongabay, Carnivoraforum, Andrés Requejo de las Heras - Blog, Little Scorpion, Mongabay
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa    (Plazi Treatment)
New Taxa: Bitis harenna
Species named for: Harenna Forest, Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Categories: New Species | Reptiles

While driving on the streets of Ethiopia’s Bale Mountains National Park in 2013, a group of U researchers saw a snake.

Curious, they pulled over to further investigate and tried to classify the snake. They couldn’t match it with anything in a book they had on hand, however. Not thinking anything of it, PhD students Evan Buechley and Mark Chynoweth snapped a few photos and sent them to the author of the book. The author, too, was puzzled. As it turns out, no one had identified this reptile before.

Copyright Evan R Buechley. The Wolrd of Animals.

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