A New Genus and Species of Rat, from Sulawesi.

Main report: Unearthed: the rare rat with a slender profile
(Syndey Morning Herald)
Other Reporting: National Geographic TV, International Business Times
Scientific Paper: Journal of Mammalogy   
New Taxa: Gracilimus radix
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An international research team discovered the rat, a new genus and species, on the remote and relatively inaccessible slopes of Mount Gandang Dewata, a mountainous region of Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, a renowned hotspot for biodiversity. The scientists were surprised to discover that the slender rat is omnivorous, not carnivorous, like its island cousin. Also, “one has evolved for swimming and one for life on land, yet in evolutionary terms they are sisters.”

Gracilimus radix, or the slender rat, discovered on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island. Photo: Museum Victoria

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