Five New Species of Freshwater Crabs Discovered in India

Main report: Meet the Western Ghats' Wonderful New Freshwater Crabs
(The Wire (India))
Other Reporting: Project Croak
Scientific Paper: Zootaxa   
New Taxa: Ghatiana atropurpurea, Ghatiana splendida, Gubernatoriana thackerayi, Gubernatoriana waghi, Gubernatoriana alcocki
Species named for: Tejas Thackeray, son of Uudhav Thackeray, Indian politician (G. thackerayi)
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Five new species of brightly coloured freshwater crabs have been found in the Western Ghats, India’s wildlife haven. Of these, two species belong to the genus Ghatiana (discovered in 2014) and the remaining to Gubernatoriana (known since 1970).  Prior to this, 36 species belonging to 14 different genera were known from the Western Ghats in the family of freshwater crabs. The latest discoveries bring the total species count to 41.

Photo by Tejas Thackeray

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  1. M. L. Naik, Ex Prof. of Life Science says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a novoice in the field. I am finding difficulty in identifying some of the common freshwater crabs observed on the campus of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I will be thankful if you can kindly help me in the identification of the species.
    With thanks.

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