Golden Frog Discovered in Colombia, Named After El Dorado

Main report: Newly Discovered Golden Frog Named After El Dorado
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Scientific Paper: Amphibia Reptilia   
New Taxa: Pristimantis dorado
Species named for: El Dorado, the mythical city of gold thought to exist by Spanish conquistadores.
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The pale-gold colored frog was found in the cloud forests of the high Andes in Colombia.  The extraordinarily diverse group to which the new species belongs, Pristimantis, includes 465 recognized species, 205 of them from Colombia. The mountainous terrain of the Andes probably led to the evolution of so many different ground-dwelling frogs, in which the eggs develop directly into tiny baby frogs without going through a tadpole phase. At seven-tenths of an inch long, the species is among the smaller species in the group. The largest species grow to be 2 inches in length.

A picture of a Pristimantis dorado. Despite having no vocal sac and vocal slits, male Prismantis doradoIndividuals “sing”. Credit: Santiago Castroviejo-Fisher

Pristimantis dorado. Credit: Santiago Castroviejo-Fisher

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