Biologists identify six new unique species of the western rattlesnake

Main report: Biologists Identify Six New Unique Species of the Western Rattlesnake
(University of Arkanasas News)
Other Reporting:, HNGN
Scientific Paper: PLoS One   
New Taxa: Crotalus viridis, Crotalus oreganus, Crotalus cerberus,, Crotalus helleri, Crotalus concolor, Crotalus lutosus, Crotalus
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The research team, using head shapes and genetic analyses, recommend that six groups of subspecies of the western rattlesnake be elevated to full species status, with the following names:

  • Crotalus viridis, prairie rattlesnake
  • Crotalus oreganus, northern Pacific rattlesnake
  • Crotalus cerberus, Arizona black rattlesnake
  • Crotalus helleri, southern Pacific rattlesnake
  • Crotalus concolor, midget faded rattlesnake
  • Crotalus lutosus, great basin rattlesnake

The great basin rattlesnake (Crotalus lutosus), one of six new unique species identified by University of Arkansas biologists and their colleagues


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