A third species added to the small species of Rubovietnamia

Main report: Rubovietnamia coronula sp. nov. (Rubiaceae: Gardenieae) from the Philippines
(Nordic Journal of Botany)
Other Reporting: Nordic Botany - Twitter
Scientific Paper: Nordic Journal of Botany   
New Taxa: Rubovietnamia coronula
Categories: New Species | Plants

“A new species of Rubovietnamia (Rubiaceae) has been found as endemic to a small coastal area on Mindanao, Philippines, and is here described as R. coronula. This third species of Rubovietnamia is distinguished from its congeners by its longer petioles, shorter pedicels, shorter calyx tube, reduced calyx lobes, shorter corolla tube, outward curling of corolla lobes, inserted anthers and stigma, shorter and glabrous style, glabrous fruits, and numerous seeds, but shares the same chromosome number (2n = 22). In addition, the delimitation and diagnostic characters of Rubovietnamia and Duperrea is discussed in this new contribution.” ¬†Nordic Botany, Facebook


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