A new species of Disporum from China-Vietnam border.

Main report: Disporum sinovietnamicum sp. nov. (Colchicaceae) from southwestern Guangxi, China
(Nordic Journal of Botany)
Other Reporting: Nordic Journal of Botany - Facebook
Scientific Paper: Nordic Journal of Botany   
New Taxa: Disporum sinovietnamicum
Species named for: China Vietnam border, where identified
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A new species of Disporum (Colchichaceae) has been found growing at limestone peaks in evergreen broad-leaved forest along the Chineese border to Vietnam, southwestern Guangxi, China, and is here described as Disporum sinovietnamicum. This beautyful novelity resemble D. jinfoshanense, but is a taller plant with more numerous leaves and sheaths, larger and glabrous tepals, more numerous stamens, and it produces oval berries.”  Nordic Journal of Botany, Facebook


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